To focus on the innovation and optimize the blueprint for future growth

  • Strategic Investment
    Early investment
    Primary market investment
    Secondary market investment
  • Industry Investment
    Overseas health services
    Medical and health asset management
     Maternal infant & family sectors
    Health-related consumer products
Overseas Healthcare Investment
  • Continually tapping into primary & secondary global healthcare markets and bond markets

    Successfully investing in companies that span a range of sizes, clinical phases, and capital structures

  • A rich investment experience

    Experience with bio-pharmaceuticals, generic drugs, medical equipment, medical services, etc.

  • Focuses

    Innovative drugs, equipment, and service models, building opportunities in platforms, and establishing Fosun as a premier large-scale healthcare investment platform

Maternal infant & family Group
  • Deploying products into the global marketplace

    Investment in food & beverage companies and baby care industries. Investment in sectors like food, consumer health products, and baby care in primary overseas markets

InnoStar Capital
  • Focuses

    Implementing new technologies in a large variety of industries across the globe

  • Key focuses

    New technologies (AI), cross-discipline innovation, and in-depth integration

  • Focusing on new technologies

    AI, big data, AR/VR, genome, robotics/nanobots, telemedicine, regenerative medicine, 3D printing, miniaturization, optics, wearable devices, etc.

  • Model

    VC+Innovation platform


    Flagler Investment作为一家美国领先的医疗健康资产管理平台,进行差异化的地产投资配置,同时以改善病人的体验与医疗效果(clinical outcome)为目标将高质量的医疗物业打造为顶级医生与医疗运营资源的整合平台.

  • 星未来资本