The social responsibility

Zero-carbon Footprint And Healthy Life

St Hubert began a partnership with the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de la France in 2004 to focus on food improvement, nutrition, environmental protection, and sustainable development. Its Ludres factory received ISO 14001 certification in 2009 and it will fulfill the goal of "Zero-Carbon in Ludres" by 2020.

Luz Saúde Builds A Healthier Society

Luz Saúde invites children to visit hospitals and help establish their early knowledge in disease prevention; it provides free health screenings for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity

The First Online Charity Medical Platform in Portugal

Multicare established the first online charity medical platform in Portugal; user data in three months in 2017 showed 7268 reservations for charity medical services, 3% transferred to emergency medical services, 57% in accepting family healthcare, and 40% in accepting guidance for treatment at home

Supporting Africa To Fight Against Malaria

Donated $240,000 to anti-malaria drugs to the Zambian Ministry of Health, providing more than 100 million artesunate injections over the past six years, saving nearly 20 million lives. Most of them are African children under the age of 5, and we contribute to reducing malaria mortality in Africa.

Phase 1: Actions to fight the outbreak in China(From 24th January to 1st March)

Deployed global medical supplies: 2.963 million units, and 900 ventilators
Fosun Healthcare medical workers in Hubei frontline: 275+
Patients recovered and discharged from Wuhan Jihe Hospital: 515, achieving zero death among patients and zero infection of medical workers

Rural Doctors Help The Poor With Health Care

It has covered 12 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and 37 national-level poverty-stricken counties, helped 4,083 health clinics in administrative villages, supported 10,659 rural doctors and nearly 2 million needy families.We‘ve pooled social resources, and set up the alliance for supporting rural doctors.

Phase 2: Help support the world fight against the virus(From 1st March - present)

Medical supplies to support global fight against the epidemic: over 25 million units (as of 31th May) :
Provided support to overseas to fight against the epidemic: around 20 countries benefitted
The self-developed COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit was approved by EU, FDA and CNMPA Cooperated with BioNtech SE to jointly develop COVID-19 vaccines based on its mRNA technology platform, and commenced clinical trials in Germany